Spot-less Plus Bundle Set

Spot-less Plus is a hydrophilic stain repellent paint that is high in both water and stain resistance. The product also fights off various viruses and bacterias, in turn curbing diseases and creating a safer, healthier and more hygienic indoor environment. It features excellent coverage and long-lasting colour properties, so your space is always bright.

This bundle set includes the complete coating system for a safer indoor spaces:
- 5L Spot-less Plus
- 5L 5200 Interior Sealer
- 7" Interior Roller (1pc)
- 7" Roller Handle (1pc)
- Paint Tray (1pc)
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Spot-less Plus Bundle Set
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Topcoat: Spot-less Plus

  • Excellent stain repellent
  • Anti-viral (effective against harmful viruses such as SARS-CoV-2)
    ** 99.9% effective against COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)
  • Anti-bacterial (effective against common bacteria such as E. coli, MRSA and Staphylococcus Aureus)
  • Anti-fungus property
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Low odour & low VOC
  • Environmentally friendly paint
  • Excellent coverage and hiding power
  • Excellent colour durability

Sealer: 5200 Interior Sealer

  • Recommended for interior walls
  • Good alkaline and efflorescence resistance
  • Low VOCs

Painting Tools: 7" Interior Roller & Roller Handle

  • Fibre Polyamide
  • Suitable for Interiors

Paint Tray

  • Deeper grooves for a more even paint loading
  • Curved paint well for maximum paint pick-up, especially at the corners
  • Solvent-resistant and safe to used with all types of paint
  • Compatible with rollers that measure up to 8
Type Product Name Number of Coats
Sealer / Primer  5200 Interior Sealer
5400 Wall Sealer
Acrylic 5170 Wall Sealer
Hi-Bond Wall Sealer
1 coats
Topcoat Spot-less Plus 2 coats
Sealer /Primer Coat(s) 1
Application Brush, spray, roller
Thinning Maximum 5% of water
Touch Dry / Hard Dry 30 minutes / 1 hour
Recoating Interval 2 hours
No. Of Coat(s) 2
Theoretical Coverage 10-12 m² per liter per coat.