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  1. Spot-less Plus Bundle Set
    Spot-less Plus is a hydrophilic stain repellent paint that is high in both water and stain resistance.
    As low as RM 320.00
  2. Vinilex Fresh Plus Bundle Set
    Vinilex Fresh Plus has powerful coverage and a smooth matt finish, complete with a rapid 30 minute drying time.
    As low as RM 320.00
  3. Pylox Lazer
    Pylox Lazer is a quick-drying thermoplastic acrylic based paint, that can be used on a wide range of interior and exterior substrates.
    As low as RM 9.30
  4. Weatherbond (Quartz)
    Durable against harsh weather with excellent colour protection
    As low as RM 53.13
  5. Weatherbond Ultimate
    Premium exterior paint with Quartz and Fibra Technology for durability.
    As low as RM 70.20
  6. Weatherbond Solareflect Extreme
    Highly reflective, durable exterior paint for energy-efficient cooling
    As low as RM 62.00
  7. VirusGuard
    VirusGuard is specially formulated with anti-viral and anti-bacterial performance. It is scientifically proven to be effective against Covid-19 and HCoV which causes respiratory infections.
    As low as RM 66.63
  8. Satin Glo
    Gives interior walls a satin glow of extravagant beauty. Also known as Chalkboard Paint
    As low as RM 47.38
  9. VirusGuard Bundle Set
    Anti-viral paint lab proven to be effective against Human Coronaviruses, Viruses and Bacteria
    As low as RM 380.00
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