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  1. Exterior Bundle Set
    Malaysian's favourite exterior wall paint, lasting protection with 7 years warranty
    As low as RM 344.00
  2. Weatherbond (Quartz)
    Durable against harsh weather with excellent colour protection
    As low as RM 53.13
  3. Weatherbond Hi-Gloss
    Gives your exterior walls a luxurious glow that shines endlessly.
    As low as RM 61.02
  4. Weatherbond Ultimate
    Premium exterior paint with Quartz and Fibra Technology for durability.
    As low as RM 70.20
  5. Weatherbond Solareflect Extreme
    Highly reflective, durable exterior paint for energy-efficient cooling
    As low as RM 62.00
  6. 9000 Gloss Finish
    Gives a brilliant high gloss finish for wood and metal surfaces
    As low as RM 51.13
  7. Timber Finish
    Translucent varnish which highlights natural wood grain providing lasting protection
    As low as RM 32.59
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